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Creative“The Best Ever” – Joe Burrow Oil Painting

“The Best Ever” – Joe Burrow Oil Painting

We are excited to announce that award-winning artist Jamar Simien just sent The Jordy Culotta Show the very first print out of his Limited Edition collection. Each print has been signed and numbered by the artist. Jamar is from Lake Charles and is a proud LSU alum. He will make only 1,000 signed prints of the oil painting and will auction the original canvas next year in Baton Rouge. 

Here’s a video that details the process of making the Burrow painting. It also covers the last 20 years of LSU football from Jamar’s perspective as a fan. 

More About The Prints

Only 1,000 prints will be made. Jamar will sign, number and title each print at the bottom. This special distinction will be displayed when the print is framed. 

Purchase a Limited Edition Print Today!

To purchase a limited edition print click the buy now button, or email Jamar at for other purchase options. 

More about Jamar Simien

“The reason I was even able to start and finish the Joe Burrow painting is because I also took the leap of faith in 2018. I decided to bet on myself and pursue art full time. Everyone thought I was crazy to leave a stable job, travel the world and collaborate with people I didn’t even know.

The journey since then has been the most difficult chapter in my life, yet the most formative and exhilarating part of my story. I design and build custom furniture during the day and I paint at night. I create everything with my heart and my hands. I feel alive. If I had a choice, I wouldn’t change a thing. I’ve learned more about myself and my world in the past 3 years than at any other time in my life.

I’ve worked harder than I ever thought I could, just to see this thing through. Opportunities like partnering with you and Jordy shows me that the sacrifice and hard work had significant meaning, in more ways than one. 

This Burrow painting represents a full circle journey of an artist that has traveled the world countless times, but could never forget home. I’m ready to help Louisiana in any way I can. I’ve created an art scholarship to honor the legacy of my favorite teacher and the partnership with the United Way of Southwest Louisiana is now official. Portions of proceeds from the original painting and prints will go to both causes.” 


Jordy has been a blessing! He absolutely understands the journey and sees the vision. Thanks again for giving me an opportunity to share my gift on your platform. As I said on the call with Jordy, I admire what he's done over the years for Louisiana high school, college and pro sports. He genuinely advocates for the athletes and the state. I consider him one of the most important voices of Louisiana sports. Now he's created a new way to build his brand independently, which I connect to and understand completely.
Jamar Simien
Jamar Simien
CEO/Creative Director


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